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My name is Jas and I provide healing services combining therapeutic techniques with astrology, tarot, and cooking practices. I began healing work the way we all do- by beginning my own healing process. As someone who practices healing arts, I believe that the work I do for myself impacts the work I get to do with others. I work hard to build, sustain, and re-build my own healing processes so that I can show up authentically and respectfully to the work I do with y’all.


I have been studying tarot and astrology as sciences, art forms, and spiritual outlets for some time and feel that I am able to share my knowledge and passion for healing. I have also been in the mental health field for over 8 years and bring that experience to all the work I do.

 I believe that I am able to use astrology, tarot, and cooking as tools for self-understanding and self-acceptance which aid in my journey towards a healthy, fulfilled life. I also believe that I have the wisdom and ability to help others use these tools as well.


My goal is to provide effective, healing care to those in search of it no matter your gender, sexuality, race, mental/physical health status. I believe that there are systems in place, like capitalism, that seek to isolate us from effective care and so I actively work against those systems by offering payment plans, delayed payments, and accepting non-monetary exchange (ie: trades). I also offer reparations readings to black and native folks (if you are interested to know what this means or want to inquire about receiving a reparations reading, read about it on my FAQ page or feel free to email me)