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November 2019


total cost: $150-200 sliding scale

This reading is best used as a tool for self-understanding and self-acceptance. Includes planets, signs, houses, aspects. I give you 4-10 pages worth of notes that you keep, I will supply you with resources and chart images, a 2-4 hour session to explain all the notes to you and answer any questions. I can answer follow up questions after the reading as well. (must be done in person, over skype/google hangouts/phone- indicate preference upon booking)

total cost: $20

This reading is like a personalized version of general horoscopes. It includes interpretations for all current, important aspects (0-2 degrees). I list out each aspect and how that aspect affects your day, week, or next few months.  This reading is only offered via email and will not be done as a live session, although you still need to schedule through the appointments page. 

photo taken by Kendra (mxpetersonphotography.com)



I offer exchange // trade for readings (except transit readings). If you cook, make art, drive, have skills I want to learn, we can work something out for a partial or full exchange instead of cash. Please do not let the cost of a particular reading stop you from contacting me. I am always willing to meet you where you're at and work something out !!