as of 3.24.20

hi dear ones, here are some updated regarding appointments as of today (but implemented as of 3/1/20). i hope this info finds you well- feel free to reach out with any questions. thank you <3

  • as of today all appointments will be virtual (email, phone, doxy, google hangouts)

  • all appointments are now on a case by case basis- please reach out to me via the contact page on the website, email, or DM on instagram and we will work out a time to do a session together. it is important for me to talk with each person before booking so that we can discuss exchange and ability to do the appointment in advance. during this time i will only be asking for exchange where possible. this means that while we are in shelter-in-place/affected by this pandemic all appointments will be pay as you can. for this reason, we need to discuss the appointment in advance. i will be doing pay as you can for as long as it is feasible for me. 

  • if you or a loved one is in need of support during this time, please feel free to reach out to me. i will support as i can and/or connect you to other resources when it is possible.

  • this is such a wild and serious time and i thank all of you for your support and sweetness. i am keeping safe and well and am currently operating fully from home. i am currently boosting businesses and local spots that need our support right now on my instagram (click on the lil camera to go to my insta page). please look out for places to support while this truly challenging moment continues. my only hope for this is that people take note of how clumsy (at best) our country's response to this pandemic has been and that we are collectively called to action. things cannot stay the same. things cannot return to "normal". all my love and respect, always.