We all have questions and it can be hard or scary to reach out to get answers, sometimes. Below are some answers to some questions. There are so many more questions that you might have and you should feel free to email me so that I can help with answers. If after reading this page, something still feels unclear, you can reach out for clarification on what I've written.

-Should I be scared or nervous?-

I can understand that coming into this process can feel like shaky ground, especially if you have not worked with tarot, astrology, or mental health topics before (or if you had a bad experience before). I hope it is comforting to know that I only offer these sessions because people have asked me to expand my healing practice to this level. I believe that people like to work with me because I am able to hold space for their nervousness, anxiety, curiosity, and many emotions as we move through readings together. I have no judgment for where you're at with all of this and would love to talk with you more if you aren't sure what you're looking for or how my offerings fit your needs. Feel free to email me. 

-Do you offer in person sessions? Online sessions?

How are online sessions delivered?-

I offer in person, online, and phone sessions (depending on the reading). When scheduling, you will be prompted to indicate which kind of location you would like for your reading. Online sessions vary from e-mail (tranist readings) to video chat sessions. I use zoom meetings for video chat sessions but if that does not work for you, let me know after you schedule and we can work something out. Even if you live in Seattle, I will still do online sessions if you prefer.

-When we meet 'in person' in Seattle, where do we meet?-

I have a space available for us to work together in North Seattle and am also able to meet you where you are if you prefer, depending on my schedule for the day. When you schedule, you will be prompted to indicate if you'd like an in person session and if you do, I will reach out to you and talk through the details. 

photo taken by Kendra (mxpetersonphotography.com)

-Should I take notes?-

It's always good to keep a record of what is important to you during the sessions. I will always provide a recording of the session and images to help with that record keeping but you are more than welcome to take notes during sessions as well. 

-Do I have to know my birth time for an astrology reading and why?-

The time of birth gives astrologers access to about 50% of your personal birth chart information. Without that information, it becomes very difficult to do an astrology reading. HOWEVER, if you don't have access to your birth certificate, let me know and we can talk about options. Just because you don't have access to time of birth does not always mean I cannot read for you, we just have to talk about it. Sometimes, families will have anecdotal evidence that points to a time or time of day which can be used as well. 

photo taken by Kendra (mxpetersonphotography.com)

-Why is your site called Tiny Bean Healing?-

I once saw a time lapse of a bean sprouting from its seed, growing out of the ground, and then growing around a stick. It's growth reminded me of my own. The stem came out of the ground and after a few centimeters it began swirling around looking for something to grab onto and then, once it found the stick, grew upwards again. I think I'm still swirling in some ways; in other ways I've grabbed hold and am ready to grow.

-What is sliding scale?-

Sliding scale addresses the fact that some of us want and need access to services but don't have the money because of the little money we make or the bills we have to pay. When you see a price listed like this:

"total cost: $30-50 sliding scale"

It means that the price of the reading is $50 and I am able to accept as low as $30, depending on your financial need. I don't ask for proof of income or anything wild like that. Pay me what you can. If you need to do installments or set up some other kind of payment plan, let me know and we can work it out. If trades or exchanges feel more doable/better than money, let me know and we can work it out. I would never want money to stop someone from having access to readings. If you feel a want or a call towards getting a reading but don't have funds, let me know and we can work it out. 

-What are reparations? What is a reparations reading?

How do I get a reparations reading?-

Reparations can be defined (generally) as "the making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged" (google dictionary). In this case, I consider settler colonialism and slavery to be the wrongs that need to be addressed. I believe that as a non-Native, non-Black person, I benefit from the systems in place that began/perpetuate the oppression of Native and Black folks in this country. I also believe that it is because of these benefits that I owe reparations to Black and Native folks. If you are Black and/or Native and are interested in a reading, go ahead and schedule yourself a session and then email me and let me know. If you have questions about why I believe in reparations are a part of ethical practice, please email me so we can talk more and grow together. If you don't wish to learn more about reparations, want to talk about how much you dislike/don't believe in reparations, or want to convince me I am wrong about my stance on reparations please do Not email me about it because you will waste both my time and yours.