Repaso is an old Tagalog word that means "review" that maybe my lola (grandma) would use. My mama calls it "archaic". That's comforting to me. I hope that these sweet messages are helpful in confirming your choice to work with me. Much love, always. 

Working with Jas (in any capacity) is such a healing experience. I've been interested in astrology a long time, but having somebody read with a radical vision that acknowledges and seeks to undo the powers that be was a wholly different experience. I left feeling more connected to myself and aware of the stories I'm carrying inside of me. What a gift they bring to the world." - Gabby (ig: _smalldinnerparty)

Incredibly informative, you made our reading a very special and personal time. I really loved the amount you wrote and the fact that that you gave me your report on my chart along with the visual picture of my chart and allowed me to ask questions for clarification along the way! Ever since we got to connect and talk about my chart I've told all my friends to get their charts done because of the amount of insight I gained after our time together. I still read about it and come back to your page for your insights all the time. Thank you again"- Issa 

My North/South Node Life Direction tarot reading with Jas illuminated so many things that had been bubbling under the surface of my discontentment and sitting in the back of my mind, waiting to be pulled out, addressed and accessed. Jas brought me into a space that felt safe, calm, and private - they checked in with me throughout the reading and always asked me about my own interpretations of the information they were bringing into the space. My reading left me feeling grounded, uplifted and shifted in the best possible way, and I couldn't be more thankful for the healing work they offer. The way this person channels introspective healing cannot be overstated, and I can't recommend Jas's readings enough. - Ash

I have worked with Jas on multiple occasions and every time I have walked away with crucial insight about myself and my relationships. Jas is a gifted and intuitive healer with a vast knowledge of tarot and astrology. After each session, I have felt an immense calm that I have only ever known through the most inspired of healing work. I'd recommend their services to anyone. They're that good.

- Max (ig: fakejewishboy,

I had a transit reading done and was so pleasantly surprised at the length and detail you included. I felt so valued through your work. I feel like you carefully and lovingly and accurately gave me so much guidance on to how I could reflect upon and respond the changing energies around me. Thank you thank you thank you! - Christina

I've done both individual and group readings with Jas and have had overwhelmingly positive experiences. For me the reading experience is deeply personal. In many ways I think of it as Jas helping facilitate and mediate a conversation with myself. I'm grateful that Jas understands and values the vulnerability that it takes to ask challenging questions, even when those questions aren't said aloud. I have always felt like my own vulnerability is being matched by Jas, and that throughout the reading we are working together in a trusted exploratory and healing relationship.

I would highly recommend a reading with Jas! - Hannah

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