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November 2019


Effective care looks like meeting people where they are in an honest way and working with them on the concepts, issues, and experiences that they find helpful and necessary. My goal with the Restorative Healing offering is to be alongside people consistently as they work on important life goals and to provide effective care as they move forward.

The ultimate achievement throughout the process would be for people to feel that they are supported, held, and seen throughout whatever growth process they are currently engaging. 

total cost: $90-160 per month

Consider this a monthly subscription to healing work. This is a more cost effective alternative to paying out of pocket or expensive copays each week for counseling/therapy sessions. Traditional talk therapy doesn't always work for everyone. I believe the work I'm developing and currently doing with people is special because it incorporates Narrative therapy, Person-Centered therapy, Reality Therapy, and other counseling styles with visual and physical tools like cards and stars. While I believe in the work that talk therapists/counselors do, the healing work I practice is culturally sensitive and inclusive to those who might feel left out by traditional talk therapy. 


This is about restorative healing.

This is about improving quality of life in the long run.

This is an investment in the rest of your life. 

I am ready to be on this journey with you, let me know when you're ready, too.

photo taken by Kendra (mxpetersonphotography.com)
I am burning a raw cinnamon stick in this photo, part of my tarot ritual